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A 2006 randomized controlled trial into the benefits of massage therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee found that the group receiving massage therapy reduced pain and stiffness, and improved physical function, movement and the time it took to walk 50 ft.
Massage significantly reduces the delayed-onset of muscle soreness, swelling, and improves recovery of muscle function, concludes a study in 2005.
Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are lessened following massage therapy, a randomized study found in 2004. The study group also experienced lower levels of perceived pain, anxiety, and depressed mood.
A single blinded randomized study in 2003 found massage had significantly increased shoulder movement and decreased pain in patients with shoulder pain.
A 1999 randomized study found that children with cystic fibrosis benefitted from massage therapy. The children and parents reported reduced anxiety. Mood and peak air flow readings also improved for the children in the massage therapy group.
A 1999 randomized study into the effects of massage therapy and relaxation on University dance students found that both groups reported less depressed mood, lowered anxiety levels and less neck, shoulder and back pain. However, only the massage therapy group showed decreased saliva cortisol (stress hormones) and increased range of…
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